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This tea has a bitter taste that is not thick and tends to be sweet. This tea can be served either hot or cold. Thai tea can be found around Bangkok and is usually sold by street vendors.

Historical origins Thai tea (also known as Thai iced tea) or “cha-yen” (listen), lit “cold tea”) in Thailand, is a drink made from strongly brewed Ceylon tea.

However, due to the high price of Ceylon tea, a locally grown landrace version (traditional or semi-wild) from Assam known as Bai Miang with additional food coloring is commonly used.

Other ingredients may include added lime juice, star anise, crushed tamarind seeds or red and yellow food coloring, and sometimes other spices as well. This tea is sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and served cold.

Evaporated milk, served for added flavor and creamy appearance. However, in Thailand, condensed milk and sugar are mixed with tea before being poured over ice and then topped with evaporated milk.

In Thai restaurants around the world, it is served in a tall glass, although when sold from street and market stalls in Thailand it is more commonly poured over crushed ice in a clear plastic bag or tall plastic cup.

Matcha Tea Milk Recipe for One Glass

At the market, it can be seen to be mixed by pouring tea at a height of about 4 meters back and forth. It can also be made into a frappé at more westernized vendors.

It is popular in Southeast Asia and in many American restaurants serving Thai food. Although Thai tea is not the same as bubble tea, and is an East Asian drink that contains large tapioca pearls, Thai tea with tapioca pearls is a popular flavor of bubble tea.

Actually, there is no special recipe or secret technique to make a drink from Thailand. According to social sites, you only need to provide 1500 ml of water, 50 grams of black tea leaves or thai tea or Thai tea or use thai tea powder 125 grams of powdered sugar, 200 ml of evaporated milk, 350 ml of creamer or white sweetened condensed milk, and ice cubes to taste .

Then be a cold fresh drink, namely iced thai tea which is delicious and steady. You can also follow the dum dum-style thai tea recipe, and you can also make variants with various flavors, such as the milo thai tea recipe, the Matcha tea thai tea recipe with the fragrant and fragrant Matcha tea aroma, etc.

What is evaporated milk? The milk is cow’s milk which 60 percent of the water content is removed from fresh milk or whole milk. This type is different from sweetened condensed milk, which contains added sugar

How to make Matcha tea

You can easily find Matcha powder if you visit a supermarket. It can also be said, this is often missed when people make Thai Tea at home so it tastes a little different from the one at the mall.


How to make? You simply boil the water with the tea leaves until it boils. Once it boils, turn off the heat and cover the pot, and let it sit for five minutes until it’s thick in color. According to the Wikipedia site.

Thai tea has a distinctive smell that makes this drink different from other teas mixed with milk. After thick, strain the tea then add sugar, mix well. Let the tea cool slightly and mix with the evaporated milk and creamer and condensed milk.

Stir well and can also be shaken with a shaker when the tea has cooled until foamy. To add freshness, don’t forget to put ice cubes in it so that the Thai Tea gets colder. Thai Milk in its home country since last year.

Serving Matcha Milk Tea is easy, you can make this drink yourself at home. The following is a collection of processed creations of Matcha Tea or Matcha Milk Tea recipes, a special delicious dish that is anti-fail by making your own at home, which is simple, easy and practical to make yourself.

As well as for the business of selling various Matcha tea drinks in the style of a cafe restaurant as well as for a franchise business by making various types of thai tea in various flavors for selling better-selling at low prices.