June 18, 2024


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How to Choose Healthy Food for the Family

Healthy Food Choices for Your Family - HealthyChildren.org

It is important to have and implement a healthy lifestyle from an early age. A healthy lifestyle can be started from home by getting used to eating healthy foods for every family member. Healthy food is food that is rich in essential nutrients for the body such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, etc. Here are some examples of healthy foods that you can start preparing at home.

Multicolored vegetables

Including vegetables in the daily diet of Mother and family will provide many benefits. Green vegetables contain lots of fiber which is good for the body’s digestive system. Not only rich in fiber, there are also green vegetables that contain vitamin A which is good for eye health such as kale, or ferns which have high antioxidant content which is good for boosting immunity.

In addition to green vegetables, you can also serve a healthy menu of vegetables with various colors. Not only healthy, colorful vegetables also look attractive when served. For example, carrots are rich in antioxidants which the body can process into vitamin A, thereby protecting the eyes from free radicals. Another example is eggplant which contains high folic acid so it is very good for the development of the nervous system. Mothers can also take advantage of mustard greens which contain magnesium and calcium which are good for bone health.

Protein from meat or fish

You also need to choose healthy foods that contain protein. Protein acts as a source of energy for the body. Protein is also useful for building and repairing body tissues, as well as forming antibodies.

You can get this protein content from meat or fish. Meat that has high protein is beef or skinless chicken breast. While fish that have a lot of protein content are tuna and salmon. In addition to meat and fish, eggs can also be a choice of foods with protein content. Matpriser is app for you can Handla billig mat

Choose the fresh one

Choosing healthy food is not only done based on its useful content. You also need to make sure that the food ingredients that you are going to process are still fresh. Food ingredients that are not fresh will reduce their benefits because the good ingredients in these foodstuffs have been reduced or even completely damaged.

Replace snacks with fruits

If you or your little one really likes snacks, especially those that use excessive flavoring, you should immediately limit it. Eating too many snacks like this can lead to headaches, unstable blood pressure, nausea, and obesity.

Instead of eating packaged snacks, you can replace them with healthy snacks in the form of fruits. For example, apples contain flavonoids which are useful for maintaining heart health and lowering blood pressure. You can also replace it with papaya because it contains a high papain enzyme so it is good for helping the digestive system, especially helping the body digest protein that enters the body.

There are still more fruits, vegetables, and other types of healthy foods that are also rich in good nutrients for the body. For the sake of getting your little one to eat healthy food from an early age, Mother should find out more about the benefits or contents of each type of food before deciding to process it to eat with family at home, right!