A sigh of relief, a cheer and hurray, the building up of the energy, the volatile vibe all announce just one feeling, it’s a party. The festive season is here, the cake cutting ceremonies, the endless munching on food, and the crazy dancing to Bollywood hits all are ready to fill our lives with thunder. And who knows better ways of enriching such experiences than the ‘hap’ city Noida. Famous for its party culture, extravagant food it is tough to complete with the vibe of this city. Yet another year has come bearing the festive season, and we have to top our last year preparations. 

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Are you ready to be the number one party planner of the house with a spree of food items and an exotic cake all ready for your invitees, then let’s begin the list of some must-have food items on every party’s list:

  • Scrumptious cakes and their topping

It is not that tough a job to get cake delivery in Noida but choosing the perfect mood setting flavour is undoubtedly a pressure. The tremendous variety does take a toll on our decision-making capabilities but not this year. Narrow it down to either plain vanilla, chocolate or truffle cake or go over the board with an exotic red velvet themed cake with additional fondant icing. Both reliable options, see what you connect to the most. 

  • The starters menu with tikkas and rolls

Much like any other city, tikkas and rolls have bagged the place of winning starters here as well. To make this column exotic, you can switch a few essential items with new and trendy ones. They are sure to become a must-try at your party and will make some special tags and mentions on people’s instagram stories too. Go for dry Manchurian, nacho chat, kurkure momos, pizza bread and similar such items that stay in the league of starters but still have a kick to it. 

  • Italian and Chinese Cuisines 

A trendy and demanded cuisine not just at parties but everywhere happens to be these two. The distinguished flavour and texture of the food items feel delicious to everybody. Pan pizzas, cheese burst pizzas, burgers, noodles, fried rice and Manchurian, some non-vegetarian dishes and soups and drinks on the side make one very charming table at a party. Famous among both kids and youngsters this will make you popular. 

  • The street food corner

It is undeniably the most inexplicable food corner of any party at any given time. The savour of these mouth-watering dishes is on another planet. These relatively inexpensive items are loved more than the rich exotic cuisines, and indeed they commence the parties. Gol gappas ruling the top the list, followed by aloo chaats, Dahi papdis, bhel puri, vada pav and similar such outshining items they are the one famous stop and especially for the ladies. 

  • The Indian cuisine

The evergreen cuisine Indian is a top-notch priority and very popular amongst all. While it is a valid point that they are an everyday food item and it is what we mostly eat at home, the unique flavour of tandoor and tadka is what makes it rather tempting and delicious. Simple gram made in spicy flavour and Tawa Rotis replaced with tandooris and missi is what makes the difference. Coupled with onions and chutneys, this cuisine is incomparable.

  • The Thai cuisine

Although involving a wide variety of non-vegetarian food items, this cuisine is still loved by people all across the globe. Their unique soupy flavours and creamy textures make them lip-smacking. Cooked majorly in curries and soups, they are rich in nutrients and side veggies. Though soupy, the crunchy and edgy kick to its veggies is exotic. Served majorly with rice it is a popular stop for many who enjoy something out of the box and delicious.

The above-mentioned food items are sure to make you drooling already but don’t forget to serve beverages with these thrilling dishes. Soft drinks, mojitos, shakes, and a lot more varieties can be your pick. It should be what goes with your food and mood of the party. With such enormous ideas, you are sure to be a popular lad post this party.