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Why to chose custom cups with lids

About: B2B, a beautiful presentation offood and beverage characterizes the face of the establishment. Visitors appreciate the drink’s taste and the serving’s external aesthetics. This is why most coffee shops and restaurants specialize in choosing cups with lids.

The convenience of custom cups with lids is undeniable:

  • The glasses are characterized by low specific weight, low production costs, and aesthetic appearance. 
  • Disposable cups are used to serve both hot and cold drinks. 
  • They isolate the temperature well, which means that the served drink maintains the desired temperature for a long time. 
  • Also, disposable cups are perfect for alcoholic beverages. 
  • Glasses with lids for drinks are thick, so they do not burn your hands. 
  • Their shape makes it easy to hold a drink. 
  • They are made from environmentally friendly materials so they can be safely disposed of after use.

In addition, you should pay attention to glasses with a lid because they are ideal for selling tea or coffee to go. Serving in a plastic cup allows you to take food with you for a walk and refresh yourself with dessert on a hot day.

Benefits of using paper cups

  • Environmental friendliness.

Glasses are made from natural raw materials. They are easily disposed of and can be recycled.

  • Non-toxicity.

Paper is safe for human health. When heated, it does not emit odor and does not change the taste and quality of the drink.

  • Low thermal conductivity.

Due to the low thermal conductivity, disposable cups do not get too hot from hot contents and do not burn hands while maintaining the temperature of the contents for longer.

  • Usability.

The paper cup is simple and easy to use. It does not deform, does not slip out of the hands, it does not need to be washed.

  • Aesthetic appearance and pleasant tactile sensations.

The tactile sensation of touching paper while tasting a drink is much more pleasant than handling more rigid materials.

  • Effective advertising space.

Applying high-quality full-color printing allows you to make disposable cups bright and colorful and place any image, slogan, or logo. A glass with an original design is an excellent tool for creating a company or brand image.

  • Hygiene.

The physical properties of the glasses exclude the possibility of their reuse.

Cups with lids for cafes and restaurants

From the beginning, our business has been the B2B producer of restaurant supplies for cafes, fast food outlets, pastry shops, bakeries, and restaurants. When creating an offer, the manufacturer tries to achieve innovative solutions and excellence in order processing.

In the product range from the manufacturer, you can find plastic glasses for cocktails and drinks of different sizes:

  • 8 oz;
  • 12 oz;
  • 16 oz;
  • 2 oz.

We also have a wide range of accessories for any disposable cups of your choice:

  • tight lids and lids with or without holes;
  • stirrers and spoons;
  • straws for cold drinks.

In the company’s offer, it is possible to order plastic cups with a lid with the possibility of personalization, that is, applying an individual print, for example, a company logo. This is an excellent way to promote your business.

By Rehan

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