One of the most important aspects in all human’s lives is to eat correctly in order to strive for optimum health. People suffering from diabetes should most definitely consider eating low glycemic index foods. There is a fortune of information relating to low GI eating and can be viewed on the internet as well as in various comprehensive GI books. If you want to increase your health then read the table of glycemic index values which is not a restrictive diet but a healthier way of eating.

Here is a basic table for everyday commonly used foods which indicate a low glycemic index value and these foods are well suited to those that are diabetic as well as those trying to lose weight. You can still enjoy your foods; all you need to do is measure the value of the foods you consume. All the foods mentioned below are low glycemic indexes such as:

Beans, Legumes and grains

• Golden oats
• Pizza beans
• White chili
• Crock pot refried beans
• Breakfast cookies
• Bulgur stuffing


• Oat waffles or pancakes
• Pancakes
• Italian bread crumbs
• Whole grain breads

Pastries and desserts

• Lemon pie
• Pie crust made from Special K
• Cheesecake
• Apple pie
• Eggnog pudding
• No bake chocolate cookies


• Scalloped sweet potatoes
• Pasta shells stuffed with sausage and spinach
• Sweet potato casserole
• Beef casserole
• Creamy beef with peppers

Fish, Eggs and Poultry

• Chicken a la king
• Lentils and aromatic chicken
• Cheese souffle
• Taco and chicken filling
• Chicken based in balsamic vinegar
• Roasted lemon chicken
• Supreme shirred eggs

Salads and salad dressings

• Crunchy pea and cheese salad
• Tuscan tuna and bean salad
• Japanese vegetable salad
• Blue cheese salad dressing
• Thousand island salad dressing
• Tzatziki sauce
• Balsamic vinegar and olive oil

Stews and soups

• Blue cheese and sweet potato soup
• Sausage, red bean and barley stew
• Egg drop soup
• Tomato bisque
• Hungarian barley beef stew
• Beef and vegetable stew

The above table of glycemic index values is only a short list, as the list is really lengthy and in order to view the complete list you should go online. Diabetics should maintain their blood sugar levels within the normal limits which will prevent any complications such as impaired vision, cardiovascular disease, blindness and neuropathy as well as kidney failure. Using the glycemic index diabetic can tailor a healthy diet plan.

Diet is very important when managing diabetes. Diabetics are able to manage their condition well just with exercise and the correct diet and maintain their blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates in specific when broken down turns to glucose and cause a sudden blood sugar spike. It is important for Type II diabetics to follow a suitable table of glycemic index values to help lower blood sugar levels. An excessive amount of sugar in the blood stream can lead to diabetic complications.

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