As we enjoy the summer, we enjoy friends, family, and perhaps most of all, the food! Looking for tasty summer eats and recipes to enjoy this season? We asked Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, Jamie Lee McIntyre, to share her current favorites!

By now we’ve all had a hot dog or two, so most people are looking for something to serve at a backyard get-together that can be a fresh and new item to our menu. Here’s a real crowd pleaser – Mrs. T’s Pierogies! They’re pasta pockets stuffed with two favorites: creamy mashed potatoes and cheese! Plus, there’re so many ways to prepare them- for heart healthy options- choose low fat/fat free methods most often- this includes baking, boiling, air frying and even grilling, especially during the summer! Here’s a fun and creative recipe for your next backyard get-together, Savory Pierogy Bruschetta. This recipe is a yummy twist on a summer staple, but when served on Mrs. T’s 4 Cheese Medley Pierogies, you’re adding big, bold flavor to every bite that will most certainly satisfy your guests.

When recipes are easy to prepare, fill you up, and can work as a simple snack too – that’s called a “triple win!” An afternoon snack should fill, fuel, and refresh you – and Hood Cottage Cheese does just that. The nutrition stats show it’s an excellent source of protein, providing 10 grams or more per serving! It also gets an A+ for flavor- like the Everything Bagel Seasoning variety that makes a tasty dip for a crisp veggie platter. You’ll find sweet fruity flavors too like Blueberry, Peach, and Pineapple, which are great to layer on toast for breakfast in the morning. You can even use Hood Cottage Cheese in recipes – here’s one from Hood.com – Fig & Prosciutto Crostinis which would work perfectly as an elevated appetizer to dinner guests! And when we consider our wallet, it’s important to note that you get a protein bang for your buck with these. They’re just $1.49 per single servings, and $2.79 for 16 oz containers which you’ll find at your local grocery stores, Walmart and Amazon.

If you would like to check out or share these recipes you can find them at mrstspierogies.com and hood.com hood.com


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