Giant Gourami are freshwater fish originating from Indonesia, India and Malaysia. They are found in the stagnant waters including slow moving canals. Here are some interesting facts about Giant Gouramis in case if you wish to keep them –

1. The name suggests about their size. They can grow very large, up to 24 inches. If you provide them good living conditions, they can grow even larger! There are some limitations while keeping them because of their size. The aquarium or preferably the pond in which you keep them should be sufficiently large, taking into consideration their growth. As they would like to swim around and play all the time, they should be kept in smaller numbers.

2. Fully grown up Giant Gourami will have a hump above their eyes. A grown up male will have a rounded face. This is an important indication while selecting your Giant Gouramis from the pet fish shop. Another important thing about them is – they prefer to stay in still water. So there should not be any currents of water in your tank or pond.

3. The color of their body is yellow and there will be blue stripes over the whole body.

4. They are capable of breathing directly from the air. So they can survive out of the water for a long time.

5. They are big and so their appetite. They can eat a lot of food including both vegetables and meat. They can eat many types of food like bread, boiled vegetables and potatoes. They will also feast on brine shrimp and blood-worms.

6. Some fish keepers have experimented in many ways for feeding Giant Gouramis. They can eat even the tomatoes, fruits and partly cooked fibrous vegetables. Over a period of time, they develop taste for such foods.

7. By and large, they are peaceful by nature. The young ones will fight among them, but that is normal for all species of fish. When they are grown up, they will become calm and quiet and will live well with other species in the same aquarium.

8. While keeping them in a community tank, you should select their company carefully. If you keep some species of small fish, they may even eat those in fun! So you should select carefully the combination of species of fish which you would like to keep along with Giant Gouramis.

9. The breeding of Giant Gouramis is difficult. This is because of their size. If you feed them well with good food and keep the conditions of water appropriate, there is a chance of successful breeding. Before the breeding begins, it is advisable to keep the male and the female separately. The breeding should take place in a separate tank where the pair should be introduced when they are ready for spawning. Within a week they will start spawning and the eggs will start floating over the surface of the water.

10. The males will build bubble nests before the spawning. However, they can use the nests built by other males for spawning purposes.

11. The new ones will come out within about one or two days. For successful hatching, the breeding tank should be kept in the dark place. The females should be immediately removed after laying eggs. This is because the male will guard the eggs and will attack the females to protect the eggs.

12. As the species is huge in size, it is used as food in many parts of Asia. In many places, they are dried and preserved for a long time. As their appetite is very big, they are also used for controlling weed in ponds and lakes.

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