There is something mystical about kindness.

After doing a good deed there is a feeling of emptying oneself.
You are refreshed, invigorated and that joy of humility unexplained.

What is kindness? Kids say it is sharing and helping one another. It is the typical story of a beggar asking for food or water and the other person gladly shares something. Then the beggar transforms into a fairy godmother and gives a reward for the good deed bestowed.

Let us check on these fairy tales. How was kindness elicited?

The Elves and the Shoemaker

A shoemaker and his wife in their old age worked hard to make shoes for everyone. The elves saw their dedication like staying awake all night and though their old age the dignity of work. While the shoemaker and his wife were sleeping, nice elves made shoes for them. When the wife found out about the elves, she sewed colorful clothes for the elves to give them thanks.

The Selfish Giant

Once there was a giant who owned a beautiful garden. He was mean to the kids and never permitted them to play in his garden. One day the garden went dry and the plants wilted. Only ugly goblins hopped around.The giant did not know what to do until he heard a humming voice that made the flowers bloom again. In amazement, a child tried to climb the big tree to see over the garden’s wall, but he could not. The giant was moved with pity and helped the child. Seeing the happy children around, he removed the fence and let the children play there everyday. Days had passed and the giant grew old, until one day he noticed that the little boy was not among the children anymore. He felt very sad.

He always missed the little boy. As the giant waited one afternoon, the little boy stood glowing near the trees with his pierced hands. He rushed to the child, offered help and assured the child of his love. The little boy said his name and the giant cried and came kneeling down. The next day, when the children came back to the garden they saw the giant laying near a blossoming tree with a smile. Who do you think was the little boy?

Truly, when kindness is passed on, happiness in one another flows like a river’s current. It is given and received perfectly like miracles of angels. Words would not suffice, yet the feeling of joy and peace overflows.

It is overwhelming to observe kids exhibit this gift. For example, when my grandson Marco brought home two balloons from school, he gave one balloon to his brother Matthew and the other balloon to his cousin Raynne. Marco is only six years old. My students at Holy Francis School shared food to a classmate who forgot snacks or who had no snacks at all. These boys might be impish at times, but when their help was sought they acted like super-heroes.

How beautiful the world would be with kindness! What peace and happiness it brings to all! Kindness is fruit of the Holy Spirit. Please pass it forward.

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