The pairings and menu ideas are strategies, not guidelines. Marinades are like condiments, rubs, and sauces — they can be combined and matched with a selection of entrees. Although a recipe may get in touch with for pork, the marinade may perhaps also be wonderful on poultry or fish. Be daring — experiment!

Lynn’s Finest Herb-and-Garlic Pork

Lynn’s Finest Herb-and-Garlic Pork

“I like the flavor that grilled foodstuff get on,” claims Lynn Blanchard, Director of the Much better Houses & Gardens Test Kitchen area. She prepares her pork roast with garlic, moreover fresh new herbs straight from her back garden.

Menu Recommendations

  • Grilled corn on the cob

  • Chopped tomato salad: Toss tomatoes with lemon zest, chopped red onion, salt, and pepper.

  • Grilled angel food items slices: Brush cake flippantly with melted butter or spray with cooking oil and grill. Provide with shaved chocolate and coconut.

Beef Steak in Thai Marinade

Beef Steak in Thai Marinade

Fiery red curry paste mixes with sweet coconut milk and tangy citrus, bringing the flavors of Thailand to your dinner.

Beef Steak in Thai Marinade recipe

Menu Solutions

  • Grilled greens: Toss bell pepper quarters and scallions with oil, salt, and pepper grill to desired doneness.

  • Shrimp puff snacks ordered from an Asian industry

  • Ready vanilla rice pudding served with mango slices dusted with cardamom or cinnamon

Szechwan Hen Salad

Szechwan Rooster Salad

Jicama, a root vegetable commonly related with Central and South American cooking, is utilized listed here to excellent benefit. It provides moistness, crunch, and freshness to the salad.

Szechwan Rooster Salad recipe

Menu Ideas

  • Fried rice, from Chinese get-out

  • Iced tea

  • Orange sherbet or sorbet sprinkled with chopped crystallized ginger

Curried Yogurt Marinade

Curried Yogurt Marinade

This spicy, golden marinade, with a splash of sweet honey, is equally delightful as an enhancer for pork, rooster, lamb, or beef. You should grill prolonged-cooking meats more than indirect warmth, so the honey won’t melt away all through cooking.

Menu Suggestions

  • Grilled pocket-considerably less pita brushed with olive oil and a whisper of cinnamon

  • Creamed spinach

  • Lassi, an iced mango-yogurt smoothie-like consume

Lower-Body fat Grilled Vegetables on Focaccia

Very low-Unwanted fat Grilled Greens on Focaccia

A mix of goat cheese and extra fat-absolutely free product cheese is distribute in excess of focaccia and crammed with a vibrant mix of grilled purple sweet peppers, zucchini, and eggplant in this vegetarian sandwich.

Reduced-Fats Grilled Vegetables on Focaccia recipe

Menu Strategies


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