All Peppers of Different Colors Are Not the Same Plant

Pepper or peppercorns are vines grown for their fruit. Fruit pepperfresh and ripe, about 5 mm in diameter. It is dark red in color and has one seed.

The fruit is used as a spice. From fruitpepper the same can produce different colors pepper with different flavors.

Global Seasoning

Pepper  It has been used since time immemorial, both as a spice and as a traditional medicine. Pepper It is one of the most common spices added to cuisines around the world. Pepper It is also the most traded spice in the world. Pepper It has a spicy, warm, and slightly bitter sensation.

Green pepper is pepper that is harvested when the fruit is still green or immature. This pepper has a non-spicy taste and is rarely used in Indonesian cuisine.

Green pepper is commonly found in French and Thai dishes. Apparently, the price of this pepper is quite expensive than other types of pepper. This is because the processing and preservation process is longer. Lets try Sichuan peppercorns !

Spicy on pepperdifferent from spicy in chili. Spicy onpepperderived from piperine . While the spicy in chili comes from capsaicin . We know two kinds pepper, that is pepper white and pepper black. Turns out, kind of pepperit’s not two kinds. But more diverse, more colorful.

Come on, let’s see! 

Black pepper is black pepper with wrinkled skin. Black pepper is usually used whole round. For example in sticks with black pepper sauce seasoning. Black pepper is produced from peppers that are still green and unripe.

The grains of pepper are boiled briefly. The purpose, in addition to cleaning, is also to break the cell walls in pepper.

The pepper grains are then dried for several days in the sun or by machine. Pepper grains that have dried, the skin shrinks into wrinkles. The color turns dark.

In some plantations, to make black pepper, the fruit that has been separated from the stem is dried in the sun without being boiled first.