The world is enjoying the best pick and mix sweets among other confectionery products thanks to the confectionery manufacturing companies. And these companies wouldn’t come into existing if weren’t for their founders. In short, we owe it all to these people for bringing us our favourite sweet treats. I couldn’t imagine like without sweets as I couldn’t imagine living without music. Here are some of the people every confectionery lover must know about.

One of the most important people in the confectionery industry is John Cadbury. Do I even need to say what company he started? Before the confectionery giant Cadbury came to be John started his soon to be multi-billion industry vending tea, coffee, and drinking chocolate. His love for sweets ignited his passion for bringing the best chocolates to the world. Thanks to him there are Cadbury products now in the pick and mix sweets section of my favourite candy shops.

Another important figures in the confectionery industry are the brothers Oliver R. and Silas Edwin Chase. These two guys are the founders of New England Confectionery Company or most commonly known as Necco. They are the inventors of the first American candy machine and later on created different machineries for making assortments of candies just like in pick and mix sweets.

Every confectionery enthusiast should know Walter Richard Fox. He is the founder of Fox’s Confectionery, a British confectionery company based in Leicester. The giant confectionery company started as a humble wholesale grocery and confectionery business in 1880. Back then, they were also selling pick and mix sweets. The company is best known for their Fox’s “Glacier” Range, Paynes Poppets, XXX Mints, and Just Brazils products.

If you love sweets, then you should know who Leo Hirshfield is. He is the father and founder of Tootsie Roll Industries. Leo started his candy business in a small shop located in New York City selling various local candies and pick and mix sweets. His innovative thinking geared towards producing a unique sweet gave birth to the world known candy – Tootsie Roll. He named it after his daughter Tootsie Hirshfield.

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