In the past, Mullingar used to be known for its cattle lands. Up to this moment, it is still known for having the best beef steak in Ireland. However, it is also known for a lot more than just that. It does offer a magnificent countryside view with the three lakes that made it famous.

James Joyce, renowned Irish writer, wrote about the beauty of those lakes in a couple of his novels. Actually, he used to frequent this town as he used to stay at the Greville Arms Hotel. For a country town, it also has certain contributions to the music industry and theater as well. Some women might find it the perfect hen party destination.

Hen Night versus Hen Weekend

Hen nights are considered part of tradition. After all, it is the means of celebrating a woman’s last night of freedom. Though tradition calls for certain elements like alcohol, strippers, and so on, that does not really mean your hen night should be like that. Ultimately, it all boils down to what the bride wants, likes, and enjoys doing.

Though there are traditional ways of celebrating your hen night, you can always choose other hen party activities that appeal to you. Between just having a hen night, hen weekends are becoming more popular. Why wouldn’t it be more popular? It does allow the bride more time to fully enjoy her last moments of freedom. So, consider having a hen weekend in Mullingar instead of just a hen night and add lots of activities to keep you all busy during the daytime and nighttime.

Hen Party Activities to Fill Your Weekend

Though it is a relatively quiet town, a hen party in Mullingar can be a lot of fun because there are so many hen party activities to enjoy. During the day, hens can get a taste of Mullingar’s wide open spaces and enjoy horseback riding, paintballing or laser combat.

Day or night, you can always choose to take lessons from a professional instructor. Instead of hiring a male stripper, how about having a session painting naked men? If you’re into painting, you might enjoy a hen party activity like that. Besides painting, you can also choose to get dance lessons. Learn how to dance Bollywood style, burlesque, can can, dirty dancing, or on a pole by getting pole dancing lessons. Just make sure to choose activities that the whole group will enjoy and your hen party in Mullingar will be unforgettable.

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