Great ways to cook with ground beef are in this Fareway Cooking Segment


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – Whitney Hemmer talks about the various kinds of floor beef and ways to cook them in this Fareway Cooking Phase.

Ground beef is named and described by it is lean meat to extra fat ratio. The initial quantity detailed on the label is the percent of lean meat and the second selection is the percent of fat. For instance, 85% ground beef is 85% lean meat and 15% extra fat.

Floor beef with distinct percentages have distinct works by using.

  • 80/20: ordinarily quite juicy. Functions nicely for burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf
  • 85/15: this is a universal floor beef for most dishes. It can be applied everywhere you go from burgers to tacos to chili. Fareway’s refreshing ground beef is commonly comparable to 85/15
  • 90/10: operates ideal in dishes with further liquid, this kind of as chili, to incorporate additional humidity.
  • 93/7: viewed as “lean” by the USDA. Identical to 90/10, it operates ideal crumbled with excess moisture.
  • Any share ground beef can be made use of anywhere your relatives prefers!

Other notes

•             You can freeze ground beef specifically in the Fareway packaging.

•             If frozen, thaw right away in the refrigerator.

•             If you buy fresh floor beef and open up it a couple days later on, you may discover the outdoors has turned a little bit brown (as a substitute of pink/pink). That is ok! That’s oxidation from air reacting with the meat.

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