An important dating advice tip which I recommend both to single men and single women, whether they met their date via an internet dating site or in their offline “real” lives, is to make an effort to collect cool and interesting restaurants in their area. Especially for ensuring a good and memorable first date, you want to aim to meet for Drinks and Apps or dinner at an interesting restaurant. It is preferable to avoid the giant chain restaurants. However, in certain suburbs and metro areas, chain restaurants is pretty much the only option. That’s OK. Just, when you can, aim to identify unique restaurants which are run and owned locally. You will often find the ambiance more intriguing and sophisticated, the crowd more mature, and the service and food uniquely wonderful.

One such restaurant in the Los Angeles and Orange County area are of Southern California is El Cholo. El Cholo actually is a small chain. Namely, it was so successful that they had to open some additional locations to meet the demand and not have people having to drive over 50 miles to get a location. However, El Cholo is a small LA local chain.

Not only is the food really good high quality Mexican fare, it tastes very fresh and delicious. The wait staff dresses in authentic Mexican garb, the women in ric o rack, that zig zagging trim, on their Mexican blouses and full skirts. The wait staff is always available and highly responsive.

The house drink is their Lemonade Margarita. Now, you might be like me and initially not want that drink because normally I enjoy the traditional sweet and sour mix margarita. However, if it is a strong and flavorful margarita you want, you would be doing yourself a disservice to overlook ordering their Lemonade Margarita. Just be forewarned, this drink is strong. Sipping one the whole night might just fit your first date requirements perfectly. On a first date a touch of alcohol can be fine to help put everyone at ease and make them comfortable.

The history of El Cholo includes the frequenting by Old Classic Hollywood glamour stars, Loretta Young, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper, and Harold Lloyd. It is the world’s largest user of Cuervo 1800 Tequila and the first to introduce using premium ingredients in their yummy margaritas. When you enjoy your Lemonade Margarita, you’ll understand what I mean.

For singles meeting for a first date meeting from online dating, if you don’t want to have dinner yet together and only Drinks and Apps, El Chollo has a lovely bar area with quite a lot of casual seating where you and your date and sit, sip, and flirt!

If you live outside of the Orange County and Los Angeles area and cannot make it to one of the El Chollo locations, use this wonderful SoCal landmark to inspire you to find something unique and marvelous in your area and impress your date. As a relationship success tip, long term relationships which thrive and remain vitally loving show that you need to continue to weave in elements of newness and interest. Having a range of such restaurants to share a romantic meal together helps you to do so.

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