Kerala is located on the western shoreline of southern part of India. It is a beautiful & mesmerising land that is a rich assortment of splendid culture, natural beauty and ethnicity. All these rightly give it the name “god’s own country”. This heaven is decorated with flawless sand stretches as well as sea water at its fringe that makes it a must go place for all the people who love beaches. Among the various highlights of Kerala tours, backwaters tours in Kerala are the best. Backwaters form the major attraction of all tour packages in Kerala as they display the innate liveliness that this charming state stands for.

The Kerala backwaters are truly blessed with beauty and charm that is very difficult to be defined in words. A tour or journey over the untouched beauty of the backwaters in Kerala is surely a memorable experience with the Kettuvallom; the traditional house boats that are made by binding wooden planks together. An amazing and outstanding feature about these houseboats is that, each and every plank of wood is tied only, i.e. none is nailed at anyplace. The boat is actually made without any use of nails. These planks are stitched or tied together with coconut ropes and are then tinted with cashew oil.

Floating down, the complete kaleidoscope of this majestic land’s culture blazes before the person eyes. When the Kettuvallom starts its journey the water lulls take the person into a state of peacefulness. With the song of the boatman, and the cruise of nearly 1800 kms of the palm tassel lakes, rivers and canals, the houseboats journey from Quilon to Kochi. Moving further, the view changes from dense flora to beautiful paddy fields, and from tranquil farms to local villages, and from churches to little mosques and temples.

On the way, the life of the villagers can be seen; they live on fishing, making coir, paddy farming, building boats and beating toddy. During the journey, Chinese fishing nets and drop nets are common. Not only these, there is lot more to see and experience. There would be open barges loaded with copra, cashew and coir; little floating markets selling fresh coconuts, little ducks that would be paddling in front of the boat, and the parakeets that squeal and flutter up to the sky.

On the cruise, enjoy the traditional and famous cuisine of Kerala that includes delicacies like meen moilly and Malabar beef curry along with appam. Kerala paratha, chicken stew, steamed rice, thoran and vegetable korma. In the seafood category, the delicacies are Karimeen, prawns, mussles, crab,and kalamari. Having done and experience everything, don’t miss out the popular ayurvedic message that is rejuvenating in itself.

The backwater tours in Kerala are among the most demanded tours and a captivating destination that is visited by numerous travellers every year. All through the way, the route is dotted with tall and charming coconut trees and marvellous view of the nature that never fails to leave the people spell bounded.

Whether it s for family vacationing or honeymooning, Kerala backwaters a sheer beauty and an experience that can never be forgotten. The backwaters cruise packages are available for different durations that vary form 3-4 hours to 3-6 days.

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