Most people might not be quite familiar with how to cook chitterlings. But the best way to cook chitterlings the southern way is to use the best southern seasoning. Not all southern seasoning are the same and if you do not use the right southern seasoning, then you could end up with a very bad tasting chitterlings.

Chitterlings but for many the term chitlins is very common to them. But one might ask what really is Chitterlings or Chitlins? The answer to that question is that chitterlings is really the intestine of a pig. People from the south have use this as a delicacy for years and now it has become mainstream to a lot of homes.

The Best Way To Cook Chitterlings The Southern Way

If you are trying to cook chitterlings for the first time then you must be prepared to spend some time getting it ready. Chitterlings can be found in your freezer section in your local grocery and taken home and thawed.

Do not be surprised that it has a quite a horrible smell. But also do not be fooled by the smell once you have prepared it well, you will be eating so much of it that you’ll soon forget the taste.

Once you have taken it home and thawed it now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy cleaning your chitterlings. The first step in the cleaning process is that you need to have some time set aside to do it correctly. Trying to rush this job will leave you with an unclean meat that will not have a delicious, flavorful smell.

Cleaning the Chitterlings

1. Soak the chitterlings in a pot of cold water for at least 20 minutes
2. Using your hands you want to gently uncoil the chitterlings. To clean you will use your fingers and a knife to remove all the remanding fat and anything else that might cause your chitterlings to smell
3. Once this is completed, you will put the chitterlings in a large pot of water along with baking soda and let it boil. Once start boiling, remove from flame.
4. Pour the chitterlings in a strainer and add cold water
5. Once this is done, you will once again do another cleaning of the chitterlings

Once the cleaning process has been done, it is now time to cook your chitterlings the southern way. For the best taste in preparing your chitterlings, you must add the right southern seasoning to your chitterlings.

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