July 15, 2024


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Chef Matthew Kenney Launches Food Future Institute Online

VENICE, CA — Chef Matthew Kenney is known for his plant-based cuisine and Venice locations, but this week he’s starting to offer online courses with the Food Future Institute. Starting in May, you can learn Kenney’s techniques and recommendations to create plant-based recipes in your own kitchen, a space you’re probably getting to know even better during quarantine.

The celebrity chef, author and entrepreneur had been working with his team to launch the educational platform before the coronavirus outbreak, but now that people are following the stay-at-home order and have more time to cook—the timing couldn’t be better.

“The Matthew Kenney Cuisine Team is thrilled to reintroduce an educational component to the existing services that we offer within the plant-based space,” according to a news release.

Kenney worked with his team of talented chefs to create Future Food Institute, a plant-based culinary program structured through a comprehensive online platform, which allows students from around the world to have access to educational courses.

“There is no greater joy than to know that we will be helping people learn to create elevated meals for themselves and those they love during this uncertain time,” Michaela O’Malley of the Matthew Kenney Cuisine Team told Patch via email.

Students can work at their own pace, time zone and learn different tools, techniques and skills while sheltered at home. FFI’s curriculum will include virtual instructions, tutorials and creative guidance that reflect Kenney’s plant-based cuisine and restaurants around the world.

“Anyone who is interested can join, but we recommend that you have some basic experience cooking at home and a strong desire to learn how to create beautiful, healthy plant-based cuisine,” O’Malley told Patch.

People in Venice can continue supporting Kenney’s team and other local businesses while the stay-at-home order continues.

“Our pizza concept, Double Zero is open for delivery and take out, as are New Deli and Make Out,” O’Malley told Patch.

The group is in the final development stages of the FFI online website, which will be operating and open for enrollment at the beginning of May. For more information about the course overview and curriculum, check out the website www.foodfutureinstitute.com.

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This article originally appeared on the Venice-Mar Vista Patch