I would be willing to bet that if you had an emergency where you live you and your family would know what to do. Where to meet if separated what to take with you and so on. Well what about your dog or dogs. Do you have an emergency plan in place that includes them? Let’s talk about some of the things you need to consider.

1. Pet ID is very important. Ideally your dog should be chipped as well as having a well fitting dog collar with an identification tag that gives all your current contact information. Besides the usual ID you should have a picture of your dog. In fact a photo with you and the dog may be even better for ID purposes later. Consider laminating the photo to waterproof it.

2. Medicines and medical records could be very important in a disaster. Keep copies of all medical records just in case. In fact it may even be a good idea to laminate a copy to keep them dry. If you dog is on any type of medication make sure that you have an adequate supply to last a few days.

3. Water and Food. Be sure to plan on at least a 3 day supply of food and water for your dogs. Of course you will want to do the same for the human members of your family. Make sure that the dog food is in a watertight container just in case of flooding.

4. Plan ahead of time where you will go if the emergency requires you to leave your home or even your town. It is a must to have a plan so you are not scrambling for ideas after the emergency happens.

5. A crate in this type of situation is critical. Without a crate you may not be allowed to bring your dog into an organized shelter area. However sometimes local organization will get together and offer boarding for people in need during emergencies.

6. Leashes and collars are a must and in fact it just may be a great idea to have an extra if needed.

Emergency plans are something that must be done ahead of time to avoid problems when an emergency develops. Take some time to create a disaster kit that includes all the items above that you can grab easily when needed. The few minutes it takes in pre-planning will all be worth it when you really do have an emergency.

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