June 13, 2024


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5 Pakoda recipes to try and enjoy this monsoon

The monsoon season is the perfect opportunity to enjoy some yummy fried pakodas with some piping hot masala tea! When the sky turns overcast, the scent of the Earth begins to rise and a cool breeze begins to flow, you know it is time to fry some pakodas and make some tea. Pakodas are the most suitable snack to share with the family while enjoying some good conversation. 

Pakodas are such an incredibly versatile snack that you can perhaps turn any of your favourite veggies into a pakoda. All you need is some dry spices and Besan to prepare a batter, hot oil and fresh crunchy vegetables like onions, potatoes, green peas, spinach, cauliflower and anything you may find in the refrigerator. Within minutes, you can kick back and savour a plate of hot crunchy Pakodas – the best way to make the most of a lazy, rainy day. 

Here are the 5 most delicious and interesting Pakoda recipes you can try this monsoon. 

  1. Onion Pakoda

It is only natural for us to begin our list of the yummiest Pakoda recipes with the undisputed champion of Pakodas. Onion Pakoda is also fondly known as Onion Bhajiya, Kanda Bhajji and many other names throughout the country. Served with some spicy green chutney and sweet tamarind chutney, Onion Pakoda is simply too good to resist. This pakoda recipe is as simple as it is delectable. Sliced onions dropped into a gram flour batter seasoned with dry spices, and fried until crispy. That’s all you need to whip up some quick homemade Onion Pakodas for you and your family. 

  1. Pizza Pockets

Don’t wish to spend a lot of time in the kitchen? You can still enjoy an exciting monsoon snack with minimal preparation time thanks to this brilliant solution. ITC Master Chef Veggie Pizza Pockets are the right choice for a quick rainy day snack. Just grab a pack from the freezer, cook them as per your preferred method and enjoy an explosion of flavour. These scrumptious Pizza Pockets contain a crispy outer layer stuffed with capsicum, onion, sweet corn and cheese seasoned with Oregano. Deep fry, air fry or bake them and serve up a fiesta of flavours within minutes. 

  1. Potato and Green Peas Pakodas

Also known as Aloo Matar Pakoda, this recipe is yet another collaboration of two fantastic ingredients. Potatoes and Green Peas are simply perfect for each other. You can make just about any dish with these ingredients, and that is true for Pakodas too. Mash boiled potatoes, add green peas, season with spices, fry until golden brown and voila! Since green peas can be a bit expensive during the monsoon, you can stay ahead of the curve with Farmland Frozen Peas. Always have a supply of clean, hygienic and affordable green peas at your disposal no matter the season. 

  1. Spinach Pakodas

Having trouble sneaking Spinach into your family’s diet? Here’s the easiest way to do it without hearing any complaints whatsoever! Palak Pakodas are simply too yummy for anyone to resist. They are also incredibly easy to make, and you can have them ready in no time. Spinach leaves dipped in a batter seasoned with spices, fried until crisp and you’re good to go. 

  1. Paneer Pakodas

Vegetables are great but when you need a recipe to shake things up a little, the Paneer Pakoda is the right choice. Paneer is rich in protein and calcium so think of it as a nutritious indulgence for the whole family. Imagine biting into a hot and crispy Pakoda with soft Paneer on the inside. Sounds tempting doesn’t it? Try the Paneer Pakoda recipe this monsoon and get ready to surprise the entire family.