July 15, 2024


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When Love Turns Sour

When Love Turns Sour

I have heard that much water cannot quench the fire of love; but we hear of cases of love turned sour among the singles as well as the married everyday. And that leaves us in a quandary as to how true that statement is. If you are among those who now taste the bitter pill of heart break, I have news for you.

Break up in any relationship is not usually easy to bear. Its something that could shatter your world into pieces. But then that is subject to you, if you want your life to remain shattered. If you do not want it that way you can quickly mend your way out of the pain that follows broken relationship. Whenever love turned sour, it leaves you with a kind of bitterness in your heart. It is like your world has come to an end and life seems to hold no more meaning for you. Consequently you recoil into your shell of sorrow, mourning your lost love. And you may sometimes lose your mind trying to do so.

Friend, I have something to tell you: your life is too precious to be sacrificed on the altar of the love that could not work yesterday. Its gone! Face the stark reality. You cannot do anything about your past but then there is something you can do today to make sure your future is still secure. Do not let the aborted relationship of yesterday hold your tomorrow hostage.

Look at things this way; if your ex-lover has any relevant part to play in your future he could have stayed. God might just be delivering you from the hazard the relationship may cause you in the future. Its better you face up to the heartbreak now and get over it.

That your relationship failed does not mean it’s the end of life for you. Do not build a wall of defence around you because of your past experience. It is not worth it. Some people closed up after been jilted. That is not the best thing to do. It would stop you from something that could be flourishing in the future.

Do not change your philosophy to accommodate your tragedy, that all men are wicked or that all women are daughters of evil. You were only unfortunate to meet the wrong person who happens to break your heart. There are so many great men and women out there that you have not met yet. So why close your life to them because of one wrong relationship. One bad egg must not be used as judgment against others.

You still have a great life ahead of you because what lies ahead is greater than what lies behind. There is glory you have never known ahead than the story behind you. The world is too loaded with wonderful people, so break out of your cocoon of bitterness, and give life another chance. Who knows you will thank God that things happened the way they did. There is hope still.

Fred Egba