June 18, 2024


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Ways to Eat Cheese Curds for Dessert?

If you are a food lover, or a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’, then dessert should play an essential role in your meals. Desserts always add a little more excitement to a course of meals.

However, our desserts can also be healthy as well as tasty. There is one thing that comes to my mind when I think of something healthy and delicious and that is cheese curds.

Commonly cheese curds are eaten raw, deep-fried, or included in dishes like poutine and salads. However, cheese curds taste equally as good when cooked with something sweet, it can neutralize the sweetness and enhance the taste. The perfect mix of savory and sweet.

Here are three amazing cheese curd dessert recipes, enjoy:

Dessert Poutine

Dessert Poutine is a sweet twist on authentic Canadian poutine. Authentic poutines consist of fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. In dessert poutine, you are replacing fries with churros, brown gravy with caramel syrup, choc syrup or maple syrup and the cheese curds remain the same.

You can also add marshmallows, but I prefer to add cheese curds because it definitely feels more authentic and it tastes surprisingly good, don’t knock it till you try it.

French Toast with Cheese Curds

Originally a breakfast dish, French Toast is now a delicious dessert with an added twist. Firstly, make your French toast as you would normally, then crisp up some delicious bacon. Make sure that both your French toast and your bacon are hot and fresh when you top with cheese curds and then add maple syrup to get the full flavour from the warm cheese curds.

Fresh, soft and tasty French toast, topped with bacon, cheese curds and maple syrup. What more could you ask for?

Though a simple dish it is still an incredible savoury and sweet mix, that takes a classic dish to the next level.

Cheese Curd Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is a popular dessert dish in many countries. It consists of bread and milk, but everyone modifies this slightly according to their tastes. You can add banana, dates, and strawberries etc., but I prefer to add cheese curds.

This is an exciting and rather fun dish to make because you can do a lot of experimenting with it. To make bread pudding, you have to cut up stale bread in cubes and place in baking dish, spread cheese curds on top of bread and pour your milk, sugar and egg mix over the top and bake. To elevate the bread pudding, you can also pour maple syrup or caramel syrup on top.

The most important thing to note, is that your cheese curd desserts will only taste good if your cheese is fresh.

So, make sure you buy fresh cheese curds. I only ever buy cheese curds from Pure Dairy. They are sourced from Wisconsin and packed by using IQF technique, so the squeak and the texture of the cheese curds remains.

If you also want to order fresh cheese curds in Australia, contact Pure Dairy.