Have you ever planned on or ever thought of going out to a perfect dinner with your loved one or spending some quality time with your complete family over the dinner table and ended up at a fast-food joint like KFC or McDonalds? Our lives have taken the expressway to everything.

Even family time is miserable because we are so busy with our work, we hardly pay any attention to them. In the toughest of times, that comes every once in a while, all we need is the company of our loved ones, that means the most to us.

These moments do not approach us every day, but the opportunities should be accepted when they do. Having fun can have different definitions for different people. Still, when the family time comes, a friendly and light chat over savored delicacies and a few tasty snacks is the best form of fun. 

The part that has been missing comes alive and gets a sense of love and oneness into the family and its members, both young and old. The best place to have such a relaxing chat with the best in its food ordering system services is, without a doubt, the Japanese Garden Restaurant.


The restaurant offers a great outdoor seating environment to enjoy the cold summer breeze or an option to sit indoors and relax during the biting cold winters. The interiors of the restaurant can impress even the best from the job.

They have an aura which increases the hunger and makes your taste buds enjoy the food like there is no tomorrow. The ambiance of the restaurant is very clean and relaxing. A piece of light music playing through the hall relaxes the mind and calms down the body. It is also possible to attend a live performance from freelancers and professionals during dinner time on some special occasions.

The Perfect environment is a total run for the money at the Japanese Garden Restaurant, which is located in Kuala Lumpur. The prices of the place are an average range, with a meal for two costing around 2000 RM—exclusive of the taxes and service charges. You can look at TTO websites to find more information about table top ordering systems.

The place hosts a bar with the best drinks from around the world. A single 30ml peg of Japanese whiskey averages around RM 350, whereas a peg of imported scotch averages to about RM 550. Japanese Beer costs about RM 170, a pint whereas imported Beer can go up to RM 300, a pint. All these rates are exclusive of the necessary taxes.

The place is a perfect getaway from the daily tiring and boring life to get a new experience and enjoy the perfect meal with your special someone. Special queue management system are made for couples, and those with kids and a large family can make prior reservations and get tables booked in advance. The service of the staff is pretty quick as well as co-operative. So, if you have been looking for an excellent time but could find the perfect place, this is your spot.