Make onion marmalade for hamburgers, dips, charcuterie board and more


All over the environment, onions normally are component of the opening act for savory recipes.

Why are onions so universal?

Truth be advised, I won’t be able to find a uncomplicated, straightforward reply.

What I do know is that immediately after quite a few decades of getting a extra attentive cook dinner, a meat-major beef dish, soup or stew appears to be to be lacking “a thing” if I omit that initial action of sautéing onions in a fat.

Three tips for utilizing raw onions

Onions range in pungency and sweetness, so mastering their use in the raw point out normally takes demo and error.

As a standard rule, white onions have a tendency to be the strongest in flavor, although yellow can be sweeter. Purple onions are inclined to be less abrasive, and some types of red are sweeter than yellows.

In my youthful times, I was a “maintain the onions” cheeseburger eater. So think about my aghast search the first time I observed my father-in-legislation pull a small, white onion from a back garden row, wash it, trim the outer leaves and eat it raw.

“Great,” he would say about the address.

Onion slices

Onion slices

I have not warmed up to this kind of great moments, but I have designed an adeptness at working with uncooked onions in dishes. Imagine a pico de gallo or salsa without the need of a dose of freshly diced white onion. It would be a ho-hum practical experience, even for the tortilla chip.

Right here are a few methods I use to tame uncooked onions:

Chop the onion finely. When creating a dip, pico de gallo or salsa, cut the onion about the sizing of the ingredients in a pickle relish. Smaller parts will be significantly less upfront in a chunk.

Break out the box grater. If a potato, broccoli, tossed or pasta salad calls for raw onion, grate it. The taste of a grated onion diffuses all through the combination far more quickly, avoiding receiving a comprehensive kick of a diced onion.

Get started off with fewer onion. Shortchange a recipe of the mentioned sum of onion and flavor as you establish the dish. You can generally include a lot more.

Multiple utilizes for onion marmalade

Cooking tames the abrasiveness of uncooked onions, releasing a satisfying aroma. It also caramelizes the normal sugars for a sweetness not certainly probable in the uncooked condition.

The adhering to recipe for onion marmalade displays that caramelized onions can be the star of a dish.

The recipe is inspired by a variation from Julee Rosso in her cookbook “Good Very good Food items” (1993). My changes include changing the component proportions, substituting beef broth for the rooster variety and adding salt.

Some marmalade recipes phone for adding sugar, but a healthier option is a good quality balsamic vinegar. Such a vinegar is the natural way sweet from a course of action that starts off with cooking down complete sweet grapes and fermenting the mixture more than time.

A different attractiveness of Rosso’s recipe is that the onion slices are sautéed in broth instead of oil, lowering the calorie depend.

Will not let the practically three-hour cooking time continue to keep you from hoping the marmalade. It can be cooked on a back burner and checked often whilst you prepare, serve and thoroughly clean up immediately after a meal. And, the mixture will remain protected in the fridge for a week.

An onion marmalade is a multipurpose condiment. Consider it in the adhering to approaches, or allow this checklist encourage you to incorporate it to your own mealtime standbys.

► Swap the onion slices on a hamburger.

► Consist of on a charcuterie board.

► Include to a deli-meat sandwich.

► Distribute on crostini slices, alongside with whipped product cheese and capers.

► Make a dip by mixing 1/2 cup onion marmalade with 1 1/4 cups bitter cream and 3/4 cup mayonnaise. Season to taste with granulated garlic and a period-all spice mix.

A quality balsamic vinegar deepens the caramelized color of Onion Marmalade.

A high-quality balsamic vinegar deepens the caramelized color of Onion Marmalade.

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Onion Marmalade

Tailored from recipe in “Fantastic Fantastic Food stuff” (1993) by Julee Rosso


1/4 cup beef broth

8 cups thinly sliced yellow onions (about 6-8 significant onions)

Salt to style

3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar


1. In a weighty bottom skillet (or enamel-coated Dutch oven), warm the broth about medium-high warmth. Add the onion slices and a excess fat pinch of salt, go over and cook right up until translucent and pretty smooth, about 45 minutes. If important, decrease the heat to steer clear of scorching. Stir at times.

2. Uncover, reduce the heat and simmer for 1 hour, stirring periodically. 

3. Incorporate the vinegar and cook till the onion is caramelized, about 1 hour for a longer time. Use immediately, or retail outlet in a container in the refrigerator for up to seven times. 

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