Every time you think of flowers, a rose is the first one that probably comes to your mind. It’s associated with different relationships – friendship, love, and peace. Across all celebrations, a rose holds a special place. 

But not everyone knows that roses have many wonderful health benefits. Whether roses are liquefied, made into a paste, or powdered, they offer different medicinal benefits. Here are some ways on how to use rose petals in Sydney

Bath Salt

As a symbol of luxury, rose petals can be used to scent a hot bath. Mix a handful of crushed or dried rose petals with one cup of Epsom salt and ¼ cup of sea salt. Stir them together and store them in a jar. You can add the mix to your bathwater by pouring it on a clean sock or cotton muslin bag. Dip the bag or sock in the water on your bathtub to enjoy its aromatic effects.

Homemade Potpourri

The pleasant smell of a potpourri stimulates the human body to numb away pain. Allow your rose petals to fill your room with fragrance by turning them into a homemade potpourri. You can blend the dried rose petals with cinnamon sticks, dried ginger, or vanilla beans. You can slip a small sachet of the potpourri into your bathroom, linen closets, pillowcase, and soc drawers.

Homemade Tea

Rose petals are classic ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine. Fill a mason jar with dried petals of roses then pour some boiling water. Allow the tea to set for around four hours or more. Then, strain the rose petals from the water to produce slow-seep tea. Rose petals turned into homemade tea is delicious whether you drink it hot or cold. It’s a perfect remedy for diarrhea and menstrual cramps. 

Natural Skin Cleanser

Mix a teaspoon of rose petal powder with water to make a paste. Add some raw honey. Rose petals are rich in antioxidants. Combining it with raw honey boosts its antibiotic benefits. You can then use the rose petal paste as a natural cleanser. 

Gently massage it to the skin in a circular motion. Then let the paste sits for 15 minutes. Afterwards, wash it off with water. You can use rose petal paste as a natural cleanser for your face and whole body.

Natural Sunscreen

Rose petals are rich sources of Vitamin C. As such, they improve your skin’s protection from the sun. Simmer some rose petals in a pot of distilled water. Let it heat for 20 to 30 minutes. When the rose petals lost their colour, put them out from the heat. 

Let it stand at room temperature until cold. Strain the water to remove the rose petal. You can then use the rose water as a natural sunscreen by applying it on your skin using cotton or simply spraying it. If you’ve got some sunburn, a little rose water can soothe the pain.

Rose-Infused Oil

A stellar ingredient of lotions, soaps, and other homemade wellness product is rose-infused oil. You can make your own by putting dried rose petals in a jar. Cover the rose petals with at least 2 inches of olive or sweet almond oil. 

Cap the jar tightly and put it in a dark cabinet. Let it set from 4 to 6 weeks but don’t forget to shake it every 3 days. Rose-infused oil can last for years. You can use the oil to clear acne, hydrate dry skin, and reduce aging signs. It can also heal eczema, rosacea, and scars.