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Freezing leftovers is a excellent strategy in idea. It will make me really feel like a savvy homesteader, able to supply for myself and my beagle by preserving a lasagna for two months. Until eventually I go to thaw a single slice of lasagna and it’s trapped in a large frozen cheese brick. That is why I embrace flash freezing, or promptly freezing unique meals portions ahead of packing them absent in airtight containers.

There are two distinctive kinds of flash freezing: industrial flash freezing, or blast freezing, which consists of freezing food items at cryogenic temperatures, occasionally with the enable of a minimal liquid nitrogen. Industrial flash freezing will help prevents dampness loss in the foodstuff, which is why it is consistently employed by frozen food companies.

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The next kind of flash freezing applies to the dwelling prepare dinner. Flash freezing at residence consists of speedily freezing uncovered items of food, then packing the frozen parts into airtight containers.

Flash freezing is a wonderful selection for unique parts. Flash freezing is especially helpful for me, since I’m practically normally cooking for 1. If I’m earning a big casserole—lasagna, for example—flash freezing allows me to thaw and use just one or two parts at a time, somewhat than thawing the entire casserole and letting food go to squander.

Flash freezing could assistance make retain vitamins. Per the Mayo Clinic, flash-frozen create may possibly include more vitamins and minerals than new make. It appears wild, but the flash-freezing actively stops create from degrading, so the develop retains nutrition much better. The Mayo Clinic cites Dr. Stephen Kopecky, a Mayo Clinic cardiologist. “We know after it’s picked a couple months back, it starts off to decay and loses a ton of its nutrition,” Kopecky claims in the short article. “So research have proven if you can flash-freeze some thing, it will keep its nutrition much better because it retains its cellular integrity so the cells don’t get deformed.”

As a dwelling prepare dinner, you can flash freeze rather much everything. I’m talking person cake slices. I’m conversing berries. I’m speaking muffins. I’m chatting hamburger patties, cooked or uncooked.

To get started, just whip out a baking sheet or tray that matches in your freezer. Line the sheet with parchment paper or plastic wrap, then add the specific portions of foodstuff. Make sure to space the portions out—if the edges touch, the parts will fuse together as they freeze.

Freeze the portions, uncovered, for 1 to three hours or until eventually the portions are company to the contact. For tiny parts like person berries, you can periodically test in to see if they’ve firmed up.

Ultimately, clear away the foodstuff from the sheet and wrap it up tight—either in plastic wrap, resealable freezer baggage, or freezer-secure food stuff containers. You are going to have flawlessly portioned foodstuff all set to thaw at a moment’s notice.


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