July 17, 2024


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Diet Food at Phuket City

Diet Food at Phuket City

When watching two Muay Thai fighters going five rounds it quickly becomes very obvious that these guys and girls must be using some miracle substance or otherwise they are consuming really healthy foods because all of them is in top physical condition without any excess weight on their bodies.

Diet Food at Phuket City

On the one hand there is the extreme full body workout to which fighters are subjected at Muay Thai training camps all across Thailand or Phuket city but it is also an undeniable fact that a long list of foods which is eaten in Thailand is extremely healthy and is contributing to the perfect physique of Muay Thai fighters. Exceptional fitness and weight loss is only possible when eating correctly and you have to have some basic cooking skills to ensure that every dish is optimally healthy and nourishing. There are many restaurants in Thailand who specialize in the kind of dishes which is favored by Muay Thai fighters. Healthy diet food is abundantly available all across Phuket and it is therefore not surprising that so many people of Thailand are excelling when it comes to the national sport of this country.   

A hot country   

 Unless you have actually visited Phuket you cannot begin to imagine the conditions under which thousands of Muay Thai fighters at Phuket city are training. It sometimes feels as if you are being cooked alive by the oppressive Thailand heat. It is not uncommon for the mercury to hoover somewhere in the 90’s while humidity is above 80. In those conditions the body perspire continuously. The conclusion must be that daily exercising under those extreme conditions must be giving Thailand fighters an edge and this must explain why Muay Thai rankings is completely dominated by fighters coming from Thailand. In this heat fighters are jogging and jumping rope to warm up before the actual training starts. Many fitness freaks in Europe and the US are always discussing the latest and most sophisticated supplements but not so in Thailand. Surprisingly most Muay Thai fighters are eating the exact same things which are eaten by the average Thailand citizen. Another curios fact is that many Muay Thai fighters are doing their early morning run on an empty stomach, preferring to take their morning meal a little later.   

Sleeping well   

Breakfast apparently is skipped because it allows for a little extra sleep which is considered to be more important than early morning nourishment. Training the Muay Thai in Phuket way is extremely tiring which is why sleeping a later is the preferred way even though it is technically wrong because it is better to eat before training. When Thai fighters eventually sit down after a grueling exercise session, they eat meals that look more like lunch or dinner foods. Some of the favorite dishes are things such as khao soi, gra pao or khao man gai. Interestingly, Muay Thai fighters in different regions of Thailand such as www.muaythai-thailand.com eat slightly different diet food from those living elsewhere. Nevertheless, in certain places pork is eaten while elsewhere it will be fish. In other regions such as Isan dishes will include rice, fish soup, boiled vegetables and eggs. Eggs is an important part of the diet of many Muay Thai fighters because they are affordable, provides lots of proteins and are tasty.