July 15, 2024


The food dudes

Childhood Memory

Childhood Memory

I was unable to read and understand
What were papa up to and his stand?
When he will be angry or loose temper?
When he will embrace me or pamper?

I was feeling secure and happy as child
Mother was always very kind and mild
She looked to me as ocean of love
Ready with delicious food and serve

In her warmth I could feel bright day
She was almost there to show the way
She may forgo her comfort of sleep and say
I must be good boy and attention must pay

Her words are stored as unforgettable memory
When she is not seen around I feel so sorry
I search her here and there with utmost concern
So many things I had yet to follow and learn

Papa sometimes come heavily on me and scolds
Mother at the same time come and warmly holds
What a greatness to shower love with difference?
One must understand and draw lesson with inference

Papa seemed to me very harsh as head of family
He used to hold my hand firmly for mistakes silly
Mother may not interfere and make father angry
She may feed me with love when I felt hungry

Still I felt immense love for father
He was determined to take me further
He made me to look different from others
So I should be of my own and needn’t bother

As parent they taught me lesson with high morality
They did all they could do as per their ability
How to express why I hold then in high esteem?|
May be their intense love which to me possibly seem

Many children may not find situation like this
They might have lost parents and surely miss
Childhood is most important thing to cherish
Their sweet memories remain and don’t vanish